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Story "Kantou Women's Academy Going-Home Club" released.

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misono-ya is fully up and running! Updated .

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misono hakui

I like to make stuff, but almost everyone I know has a comparative advantage at drawing, so I have been doing more assisting in layouts and webpage designs over the years.

Also, I like syougi but I'm also really bad at it, so I guess that makes me a syougi baka? Hit me sometime with a aihuribisya if that's your sort of thing.


Currently working on:

  • Codex Fantasia (layout and website support)
  • Past works:

  • 令和2年5月:misono-ya bunko: Kantou Women's Academy Going-Home Club
  • 令和元年5月:Itasya layout for Carillus
  • 平成31年4月:Website design for Carillus
  • 平成30年5月:Character design of "Energel" for the "ExCo" webtoon, for Carillus
  • 平成29年12月:Namecard design for Carillus
  • 平成29年11月:Layout QC for the "NO CAPES!" artbook, for DARU
  • 平成29年9月:Insignia assets for the "ExCo" webtoon, for Carillus
  • 平成29年2月:CSS Styling for Pleroma FE
  • 平成28年12月:Logo refresh for the circle FNP
  • 平成28年11月:Layout for bookmarks for the circle FNP
  • 平成28年11月:Layout for the "ExCo" artbook, for the circle FNP
  • 平成28年4月:K-Shoot Mania song cover art for CTP Studio
  • 平成27年6月:K-Shoot Mania song cover art for CTP Studio
  • 平成25年9月:English UI translation for K-Shoot Mania
  • Contact

    Fediverse: hakui@tuusin.misono-ya.info
    Email: hakui(あっと)airmail.cc
    Pixiv: 185252

    I might be caught up with other work sometimes so I might not be able to check for messages frequently.